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AIR 124
GND 50
Sorties 112


of (Unit or Formation) No. 41 Squadron RAF

May, 2021

Place. Date. Time. Summary of Events. Reference to Appendices.
B.5822.5.2122.00Conducted a defensive patrol over Weert in order to protect friendly armored troops in the area. Nothing of significance to report. All pilots RTBed safely.
23.5.2111.00Repair of 02 damaged Spitfires performed this morning. Ground crew also instructed to perform a quick checkup for the rest of the aircraft and no issues found.
12.00Operation training with the new gun sight scheduled for this afternoon.
18.00Carried out a Defensive Patrol between Geel and Turnhout to protect the airspace over friendly forces and Munitions Depot. 03 enemy aircraft were destroyed and no casualties were sustained.
22.00Training session with new recruit P/O 'Bemmo' Bayles and the rest of the squadron for familiarization with the new Gyro gunsight.
24.5.2118.00Training session in the vicinity of air base to practice navigation and landing.
25.5.2122.00Intruder mission deep behind enemy lines between the cities of Werl and Stormede. 02 enemy aircraft shot down by F/Lt 'Riksen' Richards. Pilot P/O 'Bemmo' Bayles was lost in action. flight near airbase to practice bombing and ground attacking.
23.15Unit tasked with flying a defensive patrol over bridgehead position in the vicinity of Hertogenbosch. 01 Me-109 destroyed by F/Lt 'Riksen' Richards and 01 Me-110 damaged by F/O 'Zach' Z. Lamothe. All pilots RTBed safely but bridgehead was damaged during the operation.
27.5.2113.00Unit carried out a training session for navigation instructions near the coast line and the port of Antwerp.
28.5.2111.00Transfer to B.70 airbase for additional operations later on today.
B.7023.10Unit was initially tasked with patrolling and defending the airspace around Breda and Gilze-Rijen but was diverted to Hertogenbosch (sector 1214) in order to assist the 352nd Fighter Squadron. Two enemies were destroyed around sectors 1210 and 1211 but two Spitfires were lost in action. F/O 'Ike' Irvinh was wounded after losing control of his aircraft in a dogfight and P/O 'Bemmo' Bayles was forced to land in B.77 due to engine problems.
29.5.2112.00Training session for familiarization with the area around the new airfield.
30.5.2121.00Unit tasked with an Offensive fighter sweep between Monschau and Dupemfeld. 03 enemy aircraft shot down by F/Lt 'Riksen' Richards and all pilots RTBed safely.