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of (Unit or Formation) No. 41 Squadron RAF

July, 2020

Place. Date. Time. Summary of Events. Reference to Appendices.
Volkel1.7.2021.00'A' Flight fielded a full-strength half-squadron on an offensive patrol from Le Culot across the front lines, a high altitude patrol on the Venlo to Wassenberg line at above 20,000 ft. Flying a fluid-six formation for the first time Flt Lt Merfort led the flight into combat against 190s who were attacking a flight of B-25 bombers. Four enemy fighters destroyed and two of our squadron pilots were also killed when they collided into each other in pursuit of an e/a. Clearing skies with bright sunshine.
B.703.7.204.00Flight B, led by F/O Richards, was tasked with attacking the 21st SS Panzer Division spotted in the vicinity of Eindhoven. The flight, composed of P/O Steele and P/O Mothe as wingman, took off from B.70 in a Vee formation and quickly reached the frontlines. The armored vehicles were spotted moving along the road just south of the city but were able to quickly take cover under trees and hedgerows as we approached, making precision bombing difficult. Despite the clear weather and no opposition nearby, the flight lead decided to quickly egress from the area after dropping the bombs and all pilots returned home safely.
B.775.7.203.00Flight B, under the name of BUMPER, conducted 02 defensive patrols this morning, under the command of F/O Richards. Despite the struggle to fend off enemy patrols over Hertogenbosch Defences, the squadron was able to shoot down 04 enemy 109s and damage another. F/O Richards's Spitfire was severely damaged on the wing during the first sortie but he, somehow, managed to nurse the plane back to base. P/O Steele was mildly wounded by a bullet to the shoulder and was forced to bail out over target during the second sortie. The operation was supported by No. 56 squadron.