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of (Unit or Formation) No. 41 Squadron RAF

January, 2021

Place. Date. Time. Summary of Events. Reference to Appendices.
Y-29 Asch11.1.2112.00Unit moved to B.79 airbase in preparation for coast line operations.
B.7916.00Unit was tasked with a Recon flight around the air base in order to have all pilots familiarize themselves with the area.
19.00Unit tasked in patrolling the air space and Artillery positions in the vicinity of Bree (sector 1815). No enemies encountered.
12.1.2119.30Defensive patrol over the city of Veghel. Cloudy weather reduced visibility and hindered the ability to sopt targets. Flight encountered supply vehicles about 20-30km behind enemy lines and confirmed the destruction of 2.
21.00Unit was tasked with Intercepting enemy fighters near Weeze. Squadron encountered multiple Fw-190s and a few Me-109s and was forced to disengage towards Veghel. P/O IRWIN bailed out behind enemy lines after taking enemy firebut was brought back later on today with only minor bruising to his left knee.
13.1.2123.00Unit operated under codename BUMPER in a large scale operation and was tasked with attacking enemy armored vehicles approaching De Rips (B-84) air base from the city of Weeze. Flight inflicted minor damage to the enemy vehciles but was engaged by a small formation of enemy fighters. S/Ldr 'Skipper' Merfort was shot down and KIA around the area and F/Lt 'Riksen' Richards manage to shoot down 2 enemy aircraft during the operation.
15.1.2121.30Unit conducted an Armed Recce sortie over Arnhem's train depot as ordered. No enemy activity encountered. operated under codename BUMPER and tasked with an Armed Recce sortie over a bridgehead in the vicinity of Herleen. 1 Fw-190 was damaged by F/Lt 'Riksen' Richards and F/O 'Zach' Z. Lamothe but 2 Spitfires were lost due to engine malfunction which forced both pilots to crash land near friendly forces. Both pilots have been rescued and have been cleared to return to action.
19.1.2111.00Unit ordered to rellocate to B.80 at Volkel.
B.8020.1.2115.00Unit transferred to Wesel airbase as ordered.
Wesel21.1.210.00Unit tasked with flying an armed recce in the vicinity of German airfield of Paderborn and assess the situation over our armored units just east of Werl. 2 enemy aircraft were shot down, one by S/Ldr 'Skipper' Merfort and the other by F/Lt 'Riksen' Richards . All pilots RTBed safely.