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of (Unit or Formation) No. 41 Squadron RAF

September, 2020

Place. Date. Time. Summary of Events. Reference to Appendices.
Volkel4.9.2012.00Flight is again temporarily transferring to Ophoven in order to support an operation in conjunction with No. 56 Sqn. around Venlo area.
Ophoven5.9.2016.15Flight BUMPER, led by F/Lt 'Riksen' Richards, with F/O 'Mac' Steele, F/O 'Zach' Z. Lamothe, and P/O 'Al' A. Lamothe as wingmen conducted 02 sorties over Venlo to intercept and defend supply train approaching the city. A total of 06 enemies were destroyed and another damaged during the operation. F/O 'Mac' Steele however did not return home after being victimn of friendly fire by a P-51 but managed to bail out. His status is still unknown. Rest of the flight RTBed safely. are glad to report F/O 'Mac' Steele has been brought back to the airfield by American troops late this afternoon. F/O 'Mac' Steele suffered mild contusion and bruising to the chest and shoulder which were apparently caused by the rough parachute landing. He should be ready for action in a couple of days.
Volkel11.30Squadron transferred to B.78 in the Eindhoven area.
B.7817.00Flight BUMPER conducted Recce and Ofensive Patrol operations over Nijmegen and Heesch. 02 He-111s were damaged and another one destroyed near Heesch, as well as 01 recon Me-110. Flight BUMPER also claimed 01 Me-109 destroyed in the engagement. All claims made by F/O 'Zach' Z. Lamothe. F/Lt 'Riksen' Richards forced to bail out over friendly lines but no additional information about his condition has been received yet.
20.00We are pleased to inform that F/Lt 'Riksen' Richards made it back home uninjured. Upon debriefing, F/Lt 'Riksen' Richards was able to confirm the claims made by F/O 'Zach' Z. Lamothe regarding the engagements of earlier on today.
Volkel8.9.2012.00Unit transferred back to England (Tangmere RAF) for some R&R and resupply. Unit will also conduct additional training for new recruits and procedures.
Tangmere15.9.201.00F/O 'Zach' Z. Lamothe who was considered MIA this morning was picked up in Dover's hospital late this afternoon with only mild bruises to his chest and shoulders. S/Ldr 'Skipper' Merfort is ecstatic of his return. He should be back in a new Spitfire soon.
19.9.2014.00Squadron transferred back to mainland Europe and will operate from B.77 (Gilze-Rijen) AF.
B.7720.9.2014.00Flight operated under callsign KUDOS in a co-joint operation to attack enemy defenses near Sijderveld. Mission had to be aborted due to heavy enemy presence around the area. 05 enemies were destroyed but F/O 'Zach' Z. Lamothe was KIA during the operation.